Practice Areas

Company Law

  • drawing up articles of association, founding deeds, statutes and by-laws for companies
  • incorporation and registration of commercial companies
  • making changes to company registers
  • support in making in-kind contributions and increasing the initial capital
  • assistance in assignment and encumbrance of shareholders’ rights
  • transfer of company shares
  • review and optimization of articles of association, founding deeds, statutes and by-laws, conforming them to changes in law and changes in the client’s business activity
  • regulation of capital flows between companies and between companies and their shareholders
  • mergers, divisions and transformations of companies
  • representing shareholders in internal conflicts within the company
  • assistance in liquidation of companies

Bankruptcy Law

The Law Office offers a comprehensive range of services related to insolvency and bankruptcy, and in particular:

  • development of restructuring scenarios outside the bankruptcy procedure
  • advice on selection and establishment of securities in case of insolvency of a business partner
  • preparation of petitions for declaration of bankruptcy
  • filing submissions of debt claims
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • assistance in development and implementation of arrangement proposals
  • running proceedings to exclude third party property from bankruptcy estate
  • advice on acquisition of property from bankrupt entities

Commercial Contracts

We have extensive experience in drawing up and negotiating various contracts necessary to formalize different models of commercial co-operation and to provide operational solutions for such co-operation. Our offer for legal persons includes:

  • drafts of contracts and general conditions of contracts in professional and consumer business dealings
  • contract negotiations
  • supervision over contract implementation
  • securing contract performance
  • contract securities servicing
  • assistance in the process of exercising rights related to securities

Civil Law

Within the scope of legal assistance rendered to entrepreneurs and individuals in relation to civil law we offer advice on the following:

  • cases for payment,
  • contract rescission,
  • personal interests protection,
  • indemnity for damage to property
  • compensation for non-property damage
  • actio Pauliana lawsuits,
  • performance and non-performance of obligations,
  • donation,
  • annuity right,
  • contract to perform specific tasks,
  • contracts for construction works.

Criminal Business Law

Our Office provides legal assistance on penal law through:

  • defense and representation of suspected and accused persons in pre-trial and court proceedings,
  • acting as an auxiliary prosecutor, civil plaintiff, private prosecutor,
  • preparation of written pleadings and evidence motions,
  • legal advice on penal law, penal and enforcement proceedings,
  • preparation of private charges as well as criminal appeals and cassations.

In addition, our Law Office offers assistance in crimes related to drugs, criminal labour law, medical penal law, criminal fiscal law, criminal business law and petty offences law.

Legal assistance in criminal cases covers all stages of penal proceedings, from preliminary proceedings (investigation, inquiry), through court proceedings to enforcement proceedings.

Labour Law for Entrepreneurs

The PGNG Law Office provides comprehensive legal service for entrepreneurs in their capacity as employers. In this area our services include:

  • drafting workplace and remuneration regulations, company social benefits funds, company-level and sectoral collective labour agreements, benefits packages,
  • preparing template documents and employee documentation, including employment contracts, non-competition agreements and notices to terminate the employment relationship
  • participation in negotiations with employees, trade unions and other employee representatives
  • preparation of documents necessary to carry out the collective redundancies procedure
  • representation of employers during inspections carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) or Social Insurance Institution (ZUS); drafting responses to post-inspection statements
  • audits regarding correctness of the maintained employee records, in particular with regard to employee working time and principles of remuneration in the context of equal treatment
  • support in formulating anti-harassment and anti-discrimination procedures
  • representation before courts
  • drafting legal opinions

Our lawyers conduct labour law trainings for the HR personnel, company management and employees who manage the workplace on behalf of the employer.

Court and Administrative Proceedings

Our lawyers provide advice and representation in all stages of court proceedings, with emphasis on:

  • proceedings before all instances of general courts;
  • proceedings before the Supreme Court (SN);
  • proceedings before arbitration courts, both permanent and ad hoc;
  • execution proceedings;
  • proceedings before administrative courts;
  • criminal proceedings


Services offered in this area include also:

  • instituting legal proceedings,
  • preparing written pleadings, motions and complaints in pending proceedings,
  • representation before all courts, e.g. the Supreme Court (SN), Regional Administrative Court (WSA), Supreme Administrative Court (NSA).

Our lawyers are highly experienced in providing legal advice to public administration bodies and local government authorities, both in issues related to their organization and day-to-day operation.

Family Law

  • representation in divorce and separation cases
  • conducting negotiations and providing representation with regard to establishment of the separate property regime in court or a notary office and assisting with division of joint marital property
  • advice on marital property agreements
  • representation in cases for limitation or deprivation of parental rights
  • cases for establishment, reduction or increase of alimony payments

Administrative Law

  • representation before bodies of public administration and local government
  • procuring administrative decisions (conditions for building and land development, building permit, permit for use etc.)
  • issues related to real estate management
  • cases for return of expropriated real estate

Intellectual Property Law

Services of the PGNG Law Office include:

  • advice on transferring rights to trademarks and other signs marking goods and enterprises
  • advice on copyrights and related rights, inventions – in particular invention patent protection, design protection and the transfer of rights in this respect
  • representation of firms in negotiations and disputes relating to breach of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • protection of personal interests and pursuing claims for compensation in the form of disclaimers, apologies or payment of damages
  • representation in proceedings in the Patent Office and competent courts as regards trademarks, service marks, industrial designs and patents
  • representation in disputes regarding combating unfair competition

Real Estate / Construction Projects

We provide services in the area of real estate and construction projects at each stage of transaction and construction. Our advisory expertise includes:

  • legal analyses of real estate, companies and other entities owning or using land properties, accompanied with a risk analysis and a report indicating optimal ways to eliminate any adverse findings of such analyses (due diligence)
  • establishing the legal status of real estate and companies and putting it in order for the purposes of planned transactions; identifying measures to be taken in order to remove mortgages, encumbrances and third party rights from land and mortgage registers
  • preparing lease and rental agreements
  • advising on creation and removal of real estate encumbrances, including limited property rights
  • advising on sale-and-lease-back transactions
  • representation in court and administrative proceedings concerning development and improvement of real estate
  • drafting of all kinds of purchase and sale contracts regarding real estate and handling development projects
  • legal assistance connected with construction of different purpose buildings (office, commercial, warehousing, industrial and residential)
  • comprehensive legal advisory services covering issues related to administrative law, environmental protection law, etc.

Public Procurement

Our Law Office offers legal assistance in preparing procedures for awarding public contracts (preparation of Terms of Reference (SIWZ)), internal documents regarding procedures in public procurement cases and procedure-related documentation, in particular:

  • preparation of tender documentation,
  • legal analysis of whether procedures to procure public contracts are correctly conducted (audit),
  • preparation of internal regulations for awarding public contracts and public procurement plans,
  • legal assistance with preparation of tender offers in procedures for procuring public contracts,
  • providing opinions on grounds for, and drafting complaints and appeals,
  • proceedings before the President of the Public Procurement Office,
  • representation of parties before the National Chamber of Appeals and before courts of general jurisdiction.

Securities Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of public offerings and introduction of securities to stock exchange trading.
The PGNG Law Office offers assistance with:

  • comprehensive handling of securities issuance (i.a. shares, bonds, warrants), including public offering issuances,
  • introduction of securities to trading on the regulated market of the WSE and on the NewConnect market,
  • preparation of issue prospectuses and information memoranda,
  • preparation of management stock options schemes,
  • performance of reporting duties by public companies,
  • announcement of a tender offer for shares of public companies and in case of exceeding the thresholds of total votes in public companies,
  • administrative proceedings before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Tax Advisory Services

Tax advisory services, provided in consultation with our tax advisor, include:

  • assessment of tax implications of undertakings and investments
  • assistance in development of tax-efficient investment strategies, models for financing company activities and capital and business restructuring scenarios
  • transaction advice covering due diligence research, transaction structuring, analysis of transaction documentation and tax advisory during integration
  • advice regarding taxation of management and key personnel,
  • preparing businesses for transactions involving the sale of shares and other assets, taking into account the options for minimization of tax burden.

As regards tax-related cases and disputes we offer:

  • pre-inspection taxpayer preparation for tax or customs inspections
  • advice in the course of inspections and tax and customs proceedings
  • preparation of reservations to fiscal inspection reports, appeals against decisions, appeals against decisions by tax and customs authorities
  • comprehensive services in proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings in tax-related matters
  • preparation of appeals to administrative courts and appeals against judgments passed by regional administrative courts in tax cases; court representation
  • full representation in penal fiscal cases.

Foreign Investments / Special Economic Zones

We provide comprehensive legal advisory services to entrepreneurs investing or conducting business activity in special economic zones (SEZ) at all stages of investment planning and implementation. Our advisory services cover e.g.:

  • developing the legal structure for an investment
  • exploration of possibilities for obtaining state aid
  • advising investors on the terms and conditions for obtaining real estate tax exemption
  • representing investors in negotiations with local government authorities and the management bodies of SEZ
  • drawing up tender documentation for the purpose of tenders and negotiations announced by a SEZ and representing investors in such tenders and negotiations
  • representing investors in proceedings before the Ministry of Economy to change permits to conduct business activity in a SEZ