Co-operation principles

The ever-growing number of contracts concluded by our Law Office and positive feedback we receive from our clients are the best proof that we are a reliable and commendable partner, focused on ensuring the satisfaction and safety of our clients.

Our experience in co-operation with numerous clients enabled us to work out the highest standards of co-operation between the Law Office and the client. These standards include: full availability of our lawyers, promptness, reliability and transparency of our actions. The Law Office also prepares periodic reports on the activities performed for the client, which enables the client to follow the current state of his affairs and keeps him up to date.

We also have extensive experience in reorganization of the system for providing legal service by implementing modern systems for monitoring and management of the rendered legal services.

The frequency of reports is each time agreed individually with every client.

The Law Office proposes three alternative systems of remuneration for its services, i.e.: hourly-rate remuneration, flat-rate remuneration or remuneration combining both hourly and flat-rate components.